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The Office

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  • Wellness & Physicals

  • Women's Health​

  • Skin Cancer Checks and Biopsies

  • Family Planning

  • Some Vaccines

  • Work/School/Travel Exams

Chronic Care

  • COPD & Asthma Care

  • Diabetes Management

  • Cardiac and EKG

  • PreOp Clearance Exams

  • Basic Labs and Blood Draws

Acute Care

  • Nebulizer Treatments

  • Minor Ambulatory Procedures: Stitches, Wound Care, Wart Removal, etc

  • Ear Lavage


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Prescription Refills

Prescription medications are renewed at your appointments. If you need a refill in between for an unforeseen reason, call your Pharmacy and ask them to send an electronic refill request for our consideration. Be aware that some refills will require an appointment before they can be approved. Please be sure to request refills from your Pharmacy BEFORE you run out of medication!

After Hours Care

Dr. Naoumoff is available for urgent after hours care, for his established patients. If you need to reach him in the evenings or on the weekends, call the main office number at 321-453-5252 and press 1.

Patient Portal

Your Patient Portal is accessible once you have established and provided a unique email address. Here, you can access your chart and send medical information to other providers of your choosing. You are able to see lab results, vitals, problems, medications, appointments, etc. The Patient Portal also provides you with messaging and payment capabilities, as well as the ability to update your demo and insurance information. Click below to access the Patient Portal:


Hospitals and Medical Centers

Dr. Naoumoff maintains privileges at local hospitals, but primarily utilizes the services of Hospitalists to care for his patients while they are admitted to the hospital. He closely reviews hospital records, and follows up with his patients promptly after discharge. 

  • Cape Canaveral Hospital

  • Rockledge Regional Medical Center

  • Rockledge Regional Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center: Dr. Naoumoff provides care to patients 3 mornings per week

Access to Appointments

Riverside Family Health makes an effort to consistently provide timely access to appointments. We are able to offer same day appointments in most cases, for our established patients that maintain their regular follow ups and annual preventive exams. New patients can usually be seen within a week or two of a request, depending on patient availability.

Patient Forms

We prefer to complete forms as part of an office visit for better accuracy. However, if you cannot come in for an appointment, your provider may be able to complete your forms for a $25-50 fee, depending on length of the form and the date of your last appointment.


Call us first! 

Dr. Naoumoff, Marze, and Amy want to help you avoid the hospital whenever possible.  Before heading to the ER, contact us first.  Very often, we are able to treat you without the need for a costly visit to the hospital or urgent care.

*If you are experiencing a true medical emergency, please call 911.

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