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8:00am – noon and 1 - 5:00pm

8:00am – noon and 1 - 6:00pm

8:00am – noon and 1:30 - 5pm

8:00am – noon and 1 - 6:00pm

8:00am – noon and 1 - 5:00pm



Latest Clinic News:



As of today, we are open for regular office hours.  Thank you for your patience.


The decision has been made to close the office 9/29/22, due to inclement weather from Hurricane Ian.  As always, patients can still reach Dr. Naoumoff directly to discuss urgent medical matters by dialing 321-453-5252, and then pressing 1. Information regarding 9/30/22 is still pending.  Thank you for your cooperation. 


Flu shots have arrived!  You can receive the 2022-2023 vaccine in our office at any scheduled appointment with Dr. Naoumoff or Marze, or you can schedule an appointment with the nurse on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Vaccines for all ages are currently available.


Summer vacation hours are as follows:  Dr. Naoumoff will be on vacation July 1st - July 15th, and will return for regular hours on July 18th.  Marze will be on vacation July 13th - August 1st, and will return for regular office hours on August 2nd. Please keep this in mind when scheduling appointments.


We have updated our video consult (telehealth) policies!  As safety recommendations regarding COVID 19 have changed, we are still able to provide office visits through platforms with video capability.  In order for us to provide the best care possible, we are making slight adjustments.  These policies are posted in the office, and you can also review them by speaking with a staff member through your Patient Portal.


for adults and children
Our Services:
  • General Health

  • Prevention, Wellness & Immunizations

  • Preoperative Clearance Exams

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG)

  • Work/School/Travel Exams

  • Skin Cancer Checks & Biopsies

  • Wound Care and Stitches

  • Women's Health

  • In office labs and blood draws

  • Therapeutic injections (B-12, Testosterone, Joint pain)

All Are



Did you know most insurance companies WANT you to get an Annual Physical Exam or Wellness Visit and will partially or completely waive your deductible and copay for these services? This is because insurance companies know that screening for disease every year helps to find small problems before they become BIG problems. This benefit to you not only saves them money in the long run, but more importantly, YOU will enjoy better health.